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Keep our city liveable

Our city should be designed, planned and built for people, not property developers and toll road operators.


Keep our city liveable

Our suburbs are growing and we need to ensure that we are planning for the future so we can keep our area liveable.

The Greens plan for a liveable city:

  • Invest in clean, affordable public transport
  • Stop inappropriate development and create a planning system for people, not developers
  • Protect Port Phillip Bay from pollution
  • End our homelessness crisis by building affordable homes and properly funding crisis and support services
  • Ban political donations from property developers
  • Invest in proven and effective drug harm minimization measures

Right now, politics in Canberra seems to be completely separate from what really matters in our day-to-day lives. But it shouldn’t be this way. All of us should have our voice heard and have the values of our community represented in parliament.

Australian politics needs a major shake-up. For too long, our parliament has played out behind closed mahogany doors, shutting out communities and making decisions about people, without those people.

Our democracy should be the best tool we have to care for people, plan for the future and protect the environment,but it has to work for all of us. Right now, corporate influence in politics is getting in the way of progress on every thing from tackling climate change to housing affordability.

Unlike the major parties, the Greens refuse to take donations from corporations trying to buy influence. That means we are entirely focused on outcomes that are good for our community, not outcomes that suit big donors. We can’t be bought and we won’t sell out. We have a plan to return integrity and transparency to the political system and hold politicians and major parties to account.

Now is the time for us to work together and build a democracy that works for everyone.

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