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I live in St Kilda with my partner and young son where we run a small family business. Running a business and raising a child in our community has allowed me to experience the best aspects of our local area, and I enjoy meeting our customers on their doorsteps, helping out at the Elwood Toy Library, and volunteering with Sacred Heart Mission.

Raised on a farm in country Victoria I was exposed to environmental issues from a young age. Early memories of planting trees and learning about water and land conservation led me to pursue a career as a planning and environment lawyer where I practiced in the corporate and community sectors.

While I had been attracted to the law as a pathway to achieve change, I soon realised the impact of grossly inadequate environmental laws on protecting our climate, forests, and oceans.

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This realisation coincided with the sudden and tragic loss of my mother, a teacher, whose life was taken when a magnitude 8.0 earthquake triggered a tsunami off the coastline of Samoa where she was holidaying. Having previously spent time volunteering with a Samoan based not for profit organisation devoted to strengthening Samoan village economies, I understood the impact of this disaster on the people of Samoa and the need for Australia to show leadership in our region.

After working as an Australian Adviser at the United Nations, where I had the opportunity to participate in negotiations on issues ranging from the impacts of climate change on health to the sustainable management of coral reefs, it quickly became clear that the sort of change I was seeking required shifting the political landscape in Australia away from the tired two-party system.

In 2016, I was proud to run as the Greens candidate for Macnamara (formerly Melbourne Ports) and to come within 477 votes of winning the seat and becoming the first woman to represent the Greens in the Federal House of Representatives.

I strongly believe that the people of Macnamara are compassionate, forward thinking and desperate to see real leadership on issues like climate change, donation reform, and safer pathways for refugees.

Between now and the federal election in 2019 I want to hear from as many members of the community as possible about how I can best represent local families, schools, businesses, and individuals – so please take a moment to complete my community survey.

Together we can create a safe, compassionate and prosperous future for all residents lucky enough to call our area home.

Steph Hodgins-May

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