Spoken at an anti-Adani rally in January 2019.

The battle over the proposed Adani coal mine is about where we stand as a nation, on climate change.

The Greens position is clear – we are totally opposed to the Adani mega-coal mine. And we always have been.

If this mine proceeds it will tear the heart out of the land. It’s impact on native title and environmental and cultural heritage will be devastating.

The Adani coal mine will pollute and drain billions of litres of groundwater including aquifers of the Great Artesian Basin and potentially wipe out threatened and endangered species.

But Adani stands as a wider symbol for social change, much like the Franklin River dam which inspired Bob Brown, Christine Milne and the Greens movement to action.

Supporters of Adani do not care about the Great Artesian Basin, or the Great Barrier Reef, or the natural beauty of Queensland, or safe water, or marine life.

They do not care about the ongoing fight to protect country.

Supporters of Adani do not care about climate change. They will sacrifice our future for some potential short-term project that has disputable returns.

The ultra-conservative Morrison Government are gung-ho about coal and Adani.

While the rest of the world looks to renewables and is ditching polluting, deadly coal, Morrison’s conservatives are stuck in some 1950s ideology of dig everything up and stuff the future.

To them Adani is about political power. To the Greens it’s about our future and what type of country and planet we want for us and future generations.

Labor’s position? Well, who knows what Labor stands for these days. I’m yet to hear Bill Shorten or federal Labor say ‘no’ to Adani.

It is a disgrace that Labor are so gutless that they cannot stand up and oppose this environmental, political and social disaster. Labor talk about their commitment to climate change, but it starts here, right now, with Adani.

In 40 years time people will be talking about the campaign to stop Adani like they now talk about the Franklin. “Where were you and what did you do?” they will ask.

If you believe in climate change and doing everything possible to stop polluting and destroying our country, to stop fouling our waters and threatening the survival of plants, animals (including us humans!), then we start by stopping Adani and other coal mines.

No equivocation, no weasel words. Just Stop Adani. The Greens will.